Institute of Research in Learning Disability (IRLD)

Institute of of Research in Learning Disabilities has been established with the aim of conducting research studies to strengthening the inclusive education system by providing special in -service training to the teachers of general education, to deal the students with learning disabilities in general class rooms. In order to provide equal opportunity and full participation the students with special needs should be facilitated in the mainstream of education. Inclusion is a dynamic ongoing process that requires communication and sharing of information between regular teachers and students irrespective of ability or disability. Mere admitting the students with different challenges with their counterparts in normal school may not yield the desired results of the inclusive education.

Publishing newsletters, Hand outs and Books related to Inclusive Education and Learning Disability, Prepare the prospective teachers for the classroom management of students with Learning Disabilities studying under inclusive education, starting post graduate diploma programme in inclusive education and conducting seminars and awareness camps for promoting inclusive education are the other objectives in addition the Research in Learning Disabilities and Inclusive Education. Two seminars and one day remedial teaching camp have already been conducted by IRLD .Under IRLD giving academic support to the students and research scholars of school of behaviorural sciences in a regular activity of the IRLD.

Inter-University Centre for Disability Studies (IUCDS)

The inter university centre for disability Studies was established in 2010 under the School of Behavioural Sciences to extend the services of the department to the community and to strengthen the training and research activities. The objectives of the centre are formulated to complement the vision, mission and functions of the department.

Department of Indian Sign Language (ISLD)

Department of Indian Sign Language was started in the year 2015 and Post Graduate Diploma Course in Indian Sign Language is offered by the department. The classes are conducted through demonstration, lecture and video conferences. More