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School of Behavioural Sciences established in 1988 under Mahatma Gandhi University has a variety of unique higher education programmes aimed at developing human resources in the field of disability rehabilitation and mental health for the upliftment of the weaker sections of the society. In India, we have many National Institutes instituted for the care of each of the disabilities. School of Behavioural Sciences is one of the first University departments in India that started academic programmes in this field and addressed the problems and issues in all disabilities under a single roof with a holistic nature in the 1980’s itself. Academic programmes offered by the School are interdisciplinary in nature. Research is undertaken by potential scholars in the various aspects of Disability Rehabilitation, Psychology, Special Education, Mental Health, Behavioural Medicine and Rehabilitation Nursing.

Faculty members engage in teaching and research in their respective area of specializations. The School with the faculty initiative started many centres with the aim of expansion of activities and advancement of knowledge production through its major centres including Inter-University Centre for Disability Studies [IUCDS], Institute of Research in Learning Disability (IRLD) and Department of Indian Sign Language (ISLD).The books and journal publications at national and international levels, various projects, collaborations with various agencies/institutions make the department an emerging centre of excellence in this field

Student community under the department has the benefit of exposure of resource persons through special lectures, seminars and through international visiting faculties attending the department. Training in statistical packages and research methodology oriented courses make the students more efficient than other students from any other institutions. Advanced library facilities, computer and internet aided classrooms; projectors, etc make teaching-learning more students friendly and effective. More

Vocational Rehabitation Centre

The rehabilitation centre functioning in the School of Behavioural Sciences is unique in the country as it is attached to a state university and extends service to the intellectually challenged adults and their family.Presently the various skill training programmes of the centre are coordinated in 2 clusters. Each cluster has strength of 12-14 members.A file making unit functions in one of the cluster under the supervision of a special teacher (and supported by the students attending postgraduate and MPhil programme in disability studies and special education) which trains the students in office file making. Each file board is sold at a rate of Rs.14/unit. The services of the unit have high demand.

The second cluster of students is trained to operate tea vending machines, Photostat etc. The profit obtained from these activities is distributed among the students as their remuneration. In addition to this, 4 students are employed in the School of Behavioural Sciences itself on daily wages basis to help the house keeping work.